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I’m sure a lot of you are thinking it. I know I am.

How is he going to write 365 stories about one city?

Well, the raw mechanics and brain-shredding nature of the whole thing not with standing, simply put, I’m going to cheat.

See, Memphis is a location fixed in space. Its shape may change, but as long as it exists, it exists here. But time? Time flows over it like the water in a creek flows over a stone in its bed.

For this project, time is my cheat.

I’m not going to write solely about modern Memphis. I’m going to write about Memphis’s past and future, both distant and near. Sure, there will be tons of stories based in the right now, but don’t be surprised to see stories about Native Americans or the Yellow Fever Epidemic or involving robots or maybe even one or two about the fish in the ancient ocean that used to be over our heads if I go mad enough.

And, I mean, that’s half the fun, right? Watching me go slowly lose it trying to get this all done and see my concepts of time get more and more abstract?


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