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Pamela Stanfield

“She’s dragging the family down, Dad.”

They sat in the study of his father’s Florida retirement estate. The mansion was a long way from the house his father had grown up in with over a dozen siblings, and an even longer way from his political legacies in Memphis and Washington.

“I think the family’s done a good enough job of dragging itself down. Myself included.” His father had his feet up on his desk, and was studying a news paper through his reading glasses. “She’s just following in our very well tread path.”

“You could talk to her, get her to rein it in. Not act like such an entitled princess in front of the press. Her crap’s making it hard for me to do anything at a national level. It filterers up, you know. Gives people a bad association when they hear my name.”

His father gave a haughty snort. “That’s my name, too, son. It belongs to all of us. And, near as I can tell, the only thing it guarantees you in this world is that you’ll never want for anything…save a normal life.”

Sighing, his father put the paper down. “You just can’t pick family.”

Memphis Note
There is a certain political family that’s been operating in the Memphis area for more than four decades that I won’t specifically name, but they just can’t seem to get out of the way of scandal. Drug and alcohol abuse, shady dealings and criminal charges have hounded them since the early days. But, sure enough, they’ve somehow managed to create a political dynasty that’s a local equivalent of the Kennedy’s.


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