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What is Memphis Fast Fiction?

It’s a simple idea. A very big, but very simple idea.

Three hundred sixty-five short stories. Two hundred words each. Seventy three thousand words in total.

All about one city. All in one year.

The catch? I need you to help me do it.

I need you to submit a title, up to four words, and a single word to be used somewhere in the 200 that make up the story. You can submit by going here, or using the form farther down the page.

I’ll take that prompt and turn it into a 200 word piece of Fast Fiction.

The Fast Fiction idea isn’t mine. Originally, I borrowed it from British writer Lee Barnett as a writing exercise on my blog. But recently Lee stepped up and started knocking out story after story after story, one hundred and fifty in a row. And it got me thinking.

What if you could turn a whole year into a series of stories?

And then…

What if you could write them all about one thing?

And finally…

What if that one thing was Memphis?

So here we are.

You Said You Needed Me to Help?

Yes, I do. Memphis Fast Fiction is dependent on your submissions. I need at least 365 of them. The more I get, the better ideas I can come up with.

I also need you to spread the word, to let people know this is going on. Get your friends to submit ideas, post this to Facebook. Anything you can think of.

When Will You Start Posting Stories?

January 1st, 2011. The final story will go up December 31st, 2011.

This submission form will move aside and you’ll start seeing stories fill up the page.

And who knows. Once I start, I may never stop. This is Memphis after all. If there’s one thing we’ve got – it’s stories to tell.

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